story la femme

With a bored face expression she moved the book to the side. The narrowly printed pages had caused her eyes to get tired. After less than a minute the door bell rang. Glancing at her watch she got up and walked to the entrance door of her apartment. When she opened the door she saw the man she had expected. He was accurately dressed with a neat shirt and a tie. Before she let him enter, she took a close look at his jacket and his perfectly polished, spotless shoes.

When he nervously walked passed her she was certain that he could smell her perfume. A hint of vanilla, slightly sweetish yet discreet.
Without much noise the door was closed. She locked it, dropped the key into her pocket and turned away from it.

“Well, my dear“, she said, thus ending the uneasy silence which had developed, “nice to see you again.”

“Good afternoon, most beautiful Mistress of all“, he replied with a firm voice, and faced her.

Apparently she was pleased with his way of greeting her. She walked towards him, grabbed his tie with a firm grip and walked him into the bathroom which was only a few steps away. The last few sunbeams of the day were shining through the curtain which had been closed in order to prevent anyone from peeking inside.

Matching her meticulous personality the entire bathroom had been tiled in white. Over the sink there was a simple mirror, underneath of which a wooden shelf had been affixed.

To his left there was the toilet, also white and of ceramic. Two white fluffy carpets lay on the floor, inviting bare feet to sink themselves into them.

The bathtub was located underneath the window. On its edge a small plant had been placed and a small basket of stainless steel was hanging next to the taps. Inside the basket he saw a sponge, a piece of soap and a brush.

Towels were only to be found on a hook at the side of the toilet box.
He gulped when she pushed him further into the room and demanded: „Get undressed, sweetie, but very slowly“ As she had ordered, he unhurriedly got out of hs clothes, one after the other, layer after layer, and pushed them aside with his foot. During this process he felt her glance on his back. No patch on his body escaped her eyes. Smirking, she walked by him and incidentally touched his arm.

He held his breath when she sat at the edge of the bath tub and opened the tap. She just sat there and turned to him. Her usually hard and strict face expression appeared to have somewhat relaxed and was difficult to analyze. The water steadily plashed into the tub and continued to fill it until she closed the tap without saying a word.
At this point he had become extremely aroused. His cock was hard like a rock and he blushed strongly when she just looked at it very briefly and got up.

“Yes Madam?“ he said, almost automatically and looked at her with a puzzled face expression.
“Get in!“ she said without warning and pointed at the tub with her slim hands.

When he didn’t move but kept staring at her, she walked towards him and spat into his face. „Well, now you have a good reason to get washed“.

At this point her arrogance was very obvious, and unsurprised by her relentlessness he obeyed by stepping towards the tub and entering it.

She turned her back on him. With sparkling eyes she silently counted to three and burst out laughing when she heard him jump up and swear. „The water is icy cold, you beast!“ he moaned and furiously looked at her back.

“But of course“ she said mischievously and sat on the toilet cover. „And now do what i have told you, wash yourself! And if you dare do complain again, you will really get to know me!“

He knew about her pleasure watching him overcome his inner resistance and making him go through painful experiences which made him suffer for her.

Therfore he hurriedly sat down in the icy bath.

Every single hair on his body stuck out and his cock began to twitch, partly from the cold, partly from pleasure. His balls shrunk and hung close to his body. Suddenly the cold water pinched into his skin like needles. Breathing became difficult. She heard how all his breaths rattled audibly and she moved her long black hair out of her face. After he had sat there motionless for a sufficiently long time, she got up again and sat at the edge of the bathtub. She would not let him get away without the instructed washing and since he made no efforts in this direction, she decided to do it for him. Her hands scooped water and slowly pured it over his head. His face grimaced strongly and he heard her laughter close to him. Then she dipped the sponge deeply into the water and washed his face which she had spat at earlier. He began to shiver strongly and she laughed again. Her laughter accompanied him through the pain and drew his attention away from his fear. Cold water on his head and face, totally at the mercy of  this woman, that could even scare a mature banker like him.

Now she turned to his lap. First she rubbed his cock with the sponge, then she grabbed it with her hands and massaged it. Because of the cold water it rapidly turned from erect to saggy and back. But she did not stop for some time and to him it seemed to last for hours. Suddenly her eye winked and she let  warm water enter the tub. Once the overall temperature had become pleasant, she turned to his cock again. She milked him faster and faster, taking a firm grip as if  she owned all of it. She simply took possession.

Soon, a deep moaning filled the room and he closed his eyes. Her hands cupped his pulsating cock and almost made him reach his climax, but whenever he was about to cum, she slowed down, pat his balls and pinched his hardened nipples. She knew exactly which buttons she had to push in order to control his body.

His pelvis twitched up and down, and he became so desperate that he attempted to fuck eagerly into her hands which she continued to withdraw from him. At one point she let him continue for her own amusement and watched him move his prick rapidly into her hand, back and forth. Her fingers grabbed his weenie possessively and very tight. Just before he was able to cum, she let go, jumped to her feet and hit him hard in his face. Not really knowing what had happened to him, he opened his eyes widely. He only came to his senses when she grabbed his shoulders, pulled him out of the tub and threw him on to one of her carpets.

He looked up into her face which clearly showed her lust. He was absolutely certain that now she would take what belonged to her. She stood above him with her legs spread and she grabbed a rope.Quickly and full of skill she tied his wrists to the pipes of the sink. She wanted to make absolutely sure that he had no chance of escaping, and even more importantly he would feel that she owned him.
Now she unbuttoned her white blouse and opened her bra. Her soft and sturdy breasts slipped out heavily and he was able to catch a glimpse of her nipples which were hard and erect.

When she stripped off her leather pants from her voluptuous buttocks and casually dropped it on the floor, her aroused cunt, the cunt of his dreams, glittered to him. Actually, it was not her bosom or her pussy which drove him crazy, but the implicitness of how she stripped and acted out her fantasies. Very slowly, like in slow motion, she hunkered down and made his wildly twitching cock slip into her. Inch by inch he was made to feel her. She moaned long and hard when his glans parted her labia and she began to ride him.

Every time when his hard cock disappeared inside her, her breasts shook in the same rhythm, and it was very obvious how much she enjoyed every movement. Finally, she held herself up behind her back and and violently pushed herself up and down. He belonged to her only, and she only looked after her own satisfaction.

He felt hot and cold at the same time. All he could do was to breathe hard, look up to her and moan deep from within.

Exasperatedly she gasped for air. Her entire body was trembling. She reared up, spread her legs widely and encircled her clit with her thumb until she came over him with a shameless loud groan.
Her cunt sucked up his cock which was pulsating uncontrollably and he panted like an animal, eager for release. Her look into his eyes signalled to him that he was now allowed to cum as well, and he spilled out into her into her with an uncontrolled loud groan.

When he opened his eyes after climaxing, she was already standing next to his head. He only saw the high heels of her pumps. As quickly as she had tied him up, she untied him and instructed him: “Get up and get dressed, you piece of dirt. You will slip into your suit as you are“. She enjoyed how he pulled on his trousers as he was, sweating all over and with wet hair. He got dressed without saying a word and looked at her several times amorously. After he had closed the final button of his shirt she gave him his jacket. Now she urged him out of the apartment and allowed him one last look at her naked body. Then she locked her main entrance door and walked back to her armchair –  smiling.

He belonged to her and that was a good thing.


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